CLIISGO provides a world leading publishing service in preparing mobile content with rich media features and interactivity for eReader devices, including the Apple iPad and iPhone, Amazon Kindle™, SONY® eBook Reader, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Android and Mobipocket readers.

Our services include:

  • Enhanced eBooks with rich media features such as audio, video, and interactivity
  • eBooks creation and conversion—EPUB, KF8, and iBooks Author
  • Digital Rights Management Solutions
  • iPad and Smart Phone Apps
  • Flash to HTML5 repurposing and production


From an eBook development standpoint, CLIISGO has past demonstrable experience in preparing content in EPUB format with both reflowable and fixed layout formats.

Our service extends our partnership with publishers and we serve digital solutions for textbook and children e-book, primarily focusing on developing vanilla eBooks and enhanced eBooks with interactive elements. These include:

  • 360-degree device and functionality testing
  • Cost-competitive
  • Customized solutions
  • Highly automated Cliisgo conversion engine
  • Demonstrable experience
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Scalability and large-volume capabilities